About Us

"Fashion with Impact: RealBud Camo, Celebrating Cannabis, Healing Lives, and Fighting for Justice"

Welcome to RealBud Camo, your destination for fashion-forward clothing that celebrates cannabis culture, advocates for social justice, and embraces the many benefits of cannabis. We are more than just a clothing store; we are a symbol of empowerment, unity, and the pursuit of a better world.

RealBud Camo was founded by Uncle Rick Morgan, a visionary who dedicated his life to fighting for justice during a time of great difficulty and injustice in the cannabis community. His passion for social equity and the medicinal benefits of cannabis inspired him to create a brand that would not only redefine camouflage fashion but also make a lasting impact on society.

When Uncle Rick passed, he entrusted RealBud Camo to his dedicated heir, Damon Lewis. Now, it is our responsibility to carry on his legacy, continuing the mission he started and honoring his name, while championing social justice and the incredible potential of cannabis.

At RealBud Camo, we believe in the power of fashion to create positive change. Our clothing line is carefully crafted, featuring intricate camo patterns that pay homage to the beauty of cannabis leaves, while showcasing a unique blend of style and comfort. Each piece of apparel is designed to make a statement, empowering you to express your love for cannabis culture and stand up for social justice.

But our commitment doesn't end there. We strive to be a driving force behind the movement for social equity. RealBud Camo actively supports programs aimed at releasing individuals incarcerated for simple cannabis charges, ensuring that lives are rebuilt and justice is served. We firmly believe in the healing and transformative power of cannabis and advocate for its responsible use for the benefit of all mankind.

Join us on this incredible journey as we strive to make a lasting impact on both the fashion industry and society as a whole. With every purchase, you are not only investing in high-quality, fashion-forward apparel but also contributing to the advancement of social justice initiatives and the recognition of cannabis's remarkable potential.

Together, let us forge a path of unity, justice, and appreciation for the wonders of cannabis. Explore our collection, embrace your unique style, and become part of the RealBud Camo family. We are here to make a difference and honor the legacy of Uncle Rick, reminding the world that fashion can be a catalyst for positive change.